"Real magic can never be made by offering up someone else's liver." ~ The Last Unicorn.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


At first the words "halo, abstain, prayer" did nothing for me. But, in my usual way, I've gone and twisted them a bit.


Twin steel halos around his wrists. The thought catches at his lips and pulls them into a smile, for what could be angelic here?

"What is funny, pet?

It's something Rob has to remind himself constantly: do not be a writer here. Turns of phrase become strokes of the cat so easily. Abstain from the metaphors and witticisms that paid for the cuffs, the straps, the whip.

"I asked a question." Jean's words, the English still tinged with Nice after five years, precede his touch on Rob's face. "What is in your mind?"

"Nothing, sir."

"Truly? I do not come here to play with nothing."

Jean kisses him hard, his teeth pinching Rob's lower lip until he whimpers.

"That is reason for being here," Jean says. "For worshiping me with your tongue."

And after he steps away, as the air hisses around the lashing straps, Rob writes a new prayer: "Punish me, Master, for I have sinned..."


Critique welcome. :)


  1. Dark use of the words. Very well done.

  2. @Angel--thank you! My atheist self couldn't write something actually religious, so I thought out a different kind of worship.

    @gautami--Is it? Maybe I've been reading too much BDSM fiction recently, but I don't think of it as dark, per se. A different kind of worship, certainly, but one equally born of love.

    @Coraline--thank you! I'm glad you found it as fun as I did. Bondage isn't scary!

  3. Ooo, sexy! I like your twists =)

  4. But then did she sin? What were the circumstances.. i may be exceedingly pure.. well written..

    Do visit me for a laugh if you wish to have one..Earlier to that is 3ww.

  5. @asuqi--thank you! Been reading a bit of BDSM fiction recently, so I think that influenced my twists. Glad you liked it!

    @Ramesh--This is a depiction of a Dominant/submissive scene. Rob "sinned" by thinking of something other than Jean, when his purpose there is to serve and "worship" Jean, his Dominant.