"Real magic can never be made by offering up someone else's liver." ~ The Last Unicorn.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A short piece of my liver, thanks to 3WW

3WW, or Three Word Wednesday, is simple: three words, every Wednesday. Write, link, comment. Here's mine, for the words joke, leverage, and remedy.


Our Geometry

I am their vertex, the joining spot between them. We form an obtuse angle, he and she and I. It’s an odd form of love, to some, but we like it, though they don’t always like each other. Over and over I find remedies for their conflicts, quietly decreasing the degrees of our angle with a safe joke and my tongue in the right place. Love is leverage, in the right hands.

Sometimes they touch and spin out, flying apart until we reach 180 and I must try to join us together again.

But when it works, we form a different straight line. His cock in my cunt going through to my mouth on her clit. New leverage of hips and arms and legs to form angled positions until we are truly one. But the burst of pleasure will not remedy their clash of minds. They each leave with a light joke over discomfort. Our geometry continues.


  1. This has a freshness to it, a naughtiness, to be sure, but not in a vulgar way. Welcome to 3WW and I hope you'll be back. I like your style.

  2. ah a struggle for symmetry in intimacy.
    the best thing I like about 3WW is how everyone approaches the three words. I know this took a bit of work to express thoughts so direct and I love the mathmatical references, it added complexity to the situation. Clever.

  3. ThomG--Thank you! Some of what I write is pure erotica, but this didn't quite go down that path. I'm very glad you like it, and I will certainly be back to 3WW.

    Daily Panic--The funny thing about the math is that I generally don't much care for math. But leverage made me think of angles and that just sort of took over. Happy to hear that it added to it--sometimes extended metaphors can really get out of hand...

  4. omgosh - impressed by your poem, the
    different sexy take you've taken, M.