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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Man, when I forget about something, I do it quite properly, don't I? It's nearly a year since I last wrote a post here. I got through an entire year of university, a decent (but, alas, never large enough) number of books, and one or two minor emotional crises without even touching this blog.

Well, the last year of my undergraduacy looms, swollen with a dissertation and an uncertain future. Grad school applications are the tune of the hour, and that, my friends, means getting my ass in gear and doing up a writing sample so all the Popular Literature MPhil programs I'm applying to know what I'm all about: fantasy. Less of the feminism than previously; gender theories and sexuality will still be very much a part of my criticism, but recently my eye has alighted upon "metafiction." And the use of language qua language in fantasy literature. And myth. Whee! Aren't you really excited to hear about all this???!!

~crickets chirp~


This blog, then, is kind of a general notebook. Idle thoughts about this or that book can occasionally mutate into, say, doctoral thesis topics, and I'd hate for something to get lost. I'm writing fiction sporadically (to put it generously) these days, but here and there something may appear. I need to polish off current projects before I get myself into something new.

Currently reading: The Great Gatsby, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, The Bluest Eye, and Treasure Island.

Currently writing: A gift for someone. Also eyeing the last few chapters of a long-term WIP and thinking that some reworking is in order.

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